What Is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a professional who has studied the law and provides legal services to the clients for a fee. In some jurisdictions, a lawyer who represents the client in the court is referred by other terms such as attorney, solicitor, barrister or advocate. Only the lawyers who have passed the bar exams and have obtained appropriate certifications and licenses can represent their clients in the courts. There are other lawyers who provide only legal advice and supportive legal services to their clients. A criminal law prosecutor represents the government side in the courts.

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Who Needs a Lawyer?

People, businesses, institutions, organisations and government departments need services of lawyers. They help draft contracts and agreements. Legal documents with complex terms and conditions cannot be drafted without the support of a lawyer. Lawyers of two parties help negotiate a deal and find an out of court settlement. One type of lawyer can prepare the required legal documents while another type of lawyer can use these documents to represent the client in the courts. People need services of lawyers when faced with problems that cannot be solved without going to the court. Official, contractual and legal issues can be complex and difficult to understand. Lawyers study and research the matter and then explain everything in simple terms to their clients.


Why Would Someone Need a Lawyer?

Lawyers are mostly associated with court cases but they help with other matters as well. When two parties faced with a dispute cannot find a mutually acceptable solution, they seek services of lawyers. The lawyers can help find a negotiated settlement out of the court or represent their clients in the court so the judge can provide the judgment based on the laws. Individuals accused of crimes and offences need help from lawyers to prove their innocence or to request lenient punishment from the court. Lawyers are employed by large businesses and organisations to deal with various legal issues. Governments employ lawyers to help draft the laws and represent their side in the courts.

What Can a Lawyer Help with?

A lawyer can help with legal matters, contracts, agreements and negotiations. There are times when two parties in a dispute cannot find an amicable solution. They may be unable to find a solution because of their poor knowledge of laws or differing views. Even when someone is operating in a business for years, the person may not be knowledgeable on the legal matters related to the business. A lawyer helps protect the interests of client when a contract is being drafted. The client's interests can be protected and defended properly when the other party refuses to abide by the contract's obligations. Individuals arrested by law enforcement authorities cannot get out of jail without support from their lawyer. They need proper legal representation to defend themselves. A lawyer provides all these services and more to their clients.


How to Become a Lawyer?

Individuals wanting to be a lawyer have to study the law. The basic level of law training may be sufficient to provide simple legal advice but it is not sufficient to practice as a lawyer. A law student must pass the law exams and complete the required training and apprenticeship to become a practicing lawyer.